November 16 - The US Space Shuttle Endeavour made its final journey in October - a 20 km trip through the streets of Los Angeles carried on self-propelled modular trailers manufactured by Ulm, Germany based KAMAG.

In September, the last American space shuttle Endeavour - which travelled around 200 million km in space - flew from the Cape Canaveral space centre in Florida to Los Angeles International Airport in California carried 'piggy-back' on the fuselage of a modified Boeing 747.

For the last leg of its journey from the airport to its new permanent location at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, the space shuttle was transported on modular heavy duty vehicles supplied by the Belgian transport specialists, Sarens.

The slow journey through the streets of Los Angeles presented a real challenge due to the dimensions of the space ship.With a wingspan of 26 m, this involved maximum precision when manoeuvring between houses, trees and tight bends.

However, because of the manoeuvrability of the KAMAG modular transporters along with the experience of the Sarens transport team, this was no problem.