June 8 - Karl Altendorff, a Berlin-based transportation and crane service provider, has acquired a 100-tonne capacity Terex AC 100/4L mobile crane.

Altendorff owner Burkhard Fromm travelled to Terex Crane's Zweibrücken facility to take delivery of the crane. It was selected to provide a large lifting capacity with an ability to travel through constrained city centre access roads and reach tight construction sites without a problem. The Terex AC 100/4L has proved its worth by lifting a series of roof beams in an equestrian facility.

Karl Altendorff, which is headquartered in Berlin, was founded in 1848. In addition to special machinery, and transformer transportation services, the company offers lifting services, for which it relies on knuckle-boom cranes and mobile telescopic cranes with lifting capacities of up to 130 tonnes. Karl Altendorff's range of services also includes organising and setting up road closures and obtaining permits for the use of public areas.