October 10 - The maiden voyage of MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping's Golden Karoo marks the end of a new build programme which has seen the shipping line take ownership of four new ships into its fleet of modern multi purpose container ships in recent month

MACS says that the new ships, Blue Master II, Golden Karoo, Bright Sky and Green Mountain, are custom built for the Southern African/Europe trade which includes a lifting capacity of up to 240 tonnes, 20 ft and 40 ft container space up to vessel's full deadweight, 150 reefer plugs and multi-purpose pontoons which can be used for stowage of heavy lift cargoes and as vertical cargo separations.

Each vessel has extra-long hatches (1 x 36 m and 2 x 28 m) for special on and under deck project cargoes. Each vessel has an overall length of 199.8m, a DWT of 37,443 tonnes, 5 holds/9 hatches and 6 cranes. Engines used meet current and future standards applicable in terms of energy efficiency and emissions.

MACS has also recently acquired Bright Horizon, a sister of Red Cedar and Antonio which are currently employed in the company's fleet and which have similar characteristics to the four newbuildings.

The company says its fleet now consists of 14 modern multi purpose container vessels trading in the routes South Africa/Europe and South Africa/North America, the latter service being known as Galborg.

Golden Karoo was christened during its maiden call at Cape Town by Dr Fiona Scheder-Bieschin, wife of MACS managing director, Felix Scheder-Bieschin.

MACS Green Mountain