August 7 - Heavy lift and transport specialist Mammoet will introduce two New Generation cranes, developed in-house, for the very heaviest lifts.

The cranes, the PTC 120 DS (maximum load moment 120,000 tonne metres) and the PTC 160 DS (160,000 tonne metres), are due to be introduced in Q3 2011. They will enable the company to respond to the changing needs of the markets and projects, says Mammoet.

The new cranes will have a maximum operating radius of 200m and 205.5m respectively and can be rigged and operated in a restricted space, making them particularly attractive for projects in operational plants. Both cranes will be able to lift 3,200 tonnes.

In between heavy lifts, they can also be used for smaller lifts. The ability to offer long reach means that many loads can be handled without having to move the crane. This ensures that the cranes are kept busy all the time and facilitates a new approach to planning construction projects.

The company serves the petrochemical, power, offshore, civil and marine markets with heavy lift and transport services.