September 16 - The Dockwise semi-submersible, heavy-marine transport vessel, Mighty Servant 1, has been safely escorted by EUNAVFOR warships through the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) in the Gulf of Aden.

Mighty Servant 1 is currently transporting the Gjøa Hull from Korea to Norway. 

The EUNAVFOR Belgian warship Louise-Marie, participating in the European Operation Atalanta, escort Mighty Servant 1 for two days before handing over to EUNAVFOR Swedish warships K11, STOCKHOLM and K12, MALMO, which continued the escort. 

EUNAVFOR, the NATO Task Force and TF 151, of the Combined Maritime Forces coordinate their efforts for the protection of all shipping in the IRTC in the Gulf of Aden. 

Dockwise, adopting the Best Management Practices as advertised on the MSCHOA website, registered Mighty Servant 1 with MSCHOA, which guaranteed particular monitoring of the ship during the transit through the protected IRTC.