February 18 - Multitrade Spain, a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) and a leading exponent in the logistics of moving new trains and rail cars, is in the process of moving over 300 metro rail cars for Las Adjuntas metro line in Venezuela.

175 rail cars will move in 2011 and 161 rail cars in 2012, and follow 180 metro cars which Multitrade Spain moved from Spain to Chile in 2010. 

Multitrade Spain says that it has moved more than more 3,000 rail cars and trams over the last ten years worldwide and believes that this was key to winning this contract, as well as the competitive pricing. 

Most of the trains are being shipped onboard ro-ro vessels using Multitrade's own fleet of 35 specially-designed roll-trailers which are 62 feet long and have a load capacity of 60 tonnes each. Each trailer is equipped with rails as can be seen. 

When the trains are shipped via breakbulk vessels, Multitrade uses its specially designed spreaders in combination with its mobile cranes, and port cranes where available.