June 6 - A nine-axle Nooteboom Pendel-X low-loader combination was recently used by ADM Team Heavy Weight to transport a chemicals mixing plant from Geel to a drilling rig offshore Hartlepool.

The apparatus had been constructed by VDL-KTI and was 9.5 m long, 5.1 m wide and just over 8 metres wide.

ADM Team Heavy Weight
carried out the transport with the latest and largest Nooteboom 9-axle Pendel-X low-loader combination, consisting of the compact IC Interdolly with 3-PXE axle lines and an axle assembly with 6-PXE axle lines.

The axle assembly with 6-PXE axle lines was only recently launched by Nooteboom and ADM Team Heavy Weight is the first company in Belgium to deploy the equipment.  

Eric Hufkens, general manager of ADM Team Heavy Weight said: "This latest low-loader combination, the EURO-140-36(ICP), was manufactured specially for us to transport our heavy transports weighing up to around 100 tonnes.

"For us this is the perfect transport solution in this segment of ultra-heavy loads."

Hufkens claims that this kind of transport is usually carried out with more complicated and also much more expensive modular trailers. He believes that with the latest Nooteboom low-loader he can save 2 to 3 axle lines compared with modular trailers.  

"Another important advantage is the load floor length that is easily adjusted from 4 metres to almost 19 metres in length."

The Nooteboom 3+6 Pendel-X Euro low-loader offers a payload of 103 tonnes at 80 km/h.