July 30 - One of Jumbo Offshore's heavy lift and installation ships, Jumbo Javelin, is preparing to deliver installation services for offshore wind farms, thanks to the installation of a specialised ship-based, self-stabilising platform.

The platform, manufactured by Delft-based Amplemann, will allow the ship to install transition pieces (TP) for wind turbines.

The ship will be able to carry nine TPs, each weighing around 285 tonnes, stowed vertically in the hold. Jumbo Javelin will position next to the monopile of the wind turbine foundation to lift the TP from the hold, onto the monopile and adjust it to required horizontal level.

According to a statement by Jumbo, this will be the first time that TPs will be placed on monopiles from a free-floating ship. The advantage of using a heavy lift ship is that it allows the transport of the TPs, fast transit to the site and the installation on the monopile