August 11 - Service providers all over the world have positively welcomed the June 2009 start-up of Cargo Equipment Experts Ltd (CEE).

Administered by the same management team as Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), CEE was created to cover the gap in global quality networking services for cargo equipment owners such as multi axle trailer operators, heavy lift crane operators, barge operators, port and airport operators, stevedores and export packers.

Backed by a professional marketing campaign, well recognised company names have already taken advantage of joining CEE within the relative short time of being online with its website.

CEE provides the opportunity for companies to be enlisted in one online Directory, allowing them to participate in annual conferences and to rely on the experienced seasoned network management who intend to guide the CEE to a number one network status for equipment owners. In addition strategic marketing and PR services will be made available to the members as well as appearance in international trade fairs with a CEE stand.