April 5 - Quantum BSO & Tech, a company has delivered its Q-VUETM MPP Business Intelligence product to Chipolbrok, the Chinese-Polish multipurpose shipping company.

Quantum says that its Q-VUETM Business Intelligence software is uniquely designed for MPV, breakbulk and project carriers and has been integrated with Chipolbrok's Q-MPVTM and other legacy systems including SAP, and provides real time Dashboards, Analytics and Reports. The standard software has also received certain modifications requested by Chipolbrok for its special management needs.

The dashboards, analytics and reports within Q-VUETM MPP gives Chipolbrok business management tools which deliver insight into results, trade and financial indicators, operational and cost details, as well as penetrative CRM. The product delivers 13 dashboards, over 2000 different analytics and 160 reports.

Q-VUETM MPP provides Chipolbrok with a "What-If" simulator, that allows "Predictive Analytics" on all business and cost parameters providing support for management decision making.