April 11 - India's RRC International Freight Services Ltd is currently transporting a 310-tonne stator on a specially designed girder bridge over a distance of 1,600 km from Mumbai to MB Power (Madhya Pradesh) Ltd in Anuppur.

The stator, which has the dimensions 10.35 m x 4 m x 4.5 m is being moved by road on a girder bridge with 28 hydraulic axles and four Volvo pullers.

Permissions had to be obtained for lifting, removing and shutdown of various power lines, telephone lines and overhead electrified railway lines en route. RRC was also required to construct temporary roads, as well as compact, cut, level and widen some roads along the way.

RRC has completed various similar stator shipments throughout India, transporting two 280-tonne units from Vishakhapatnam to Doosan and from Jawaharlal Nehru Port to Tiroda for Adani Power Maharashtra Ltd.