February 20

This award is given to companies earning the distinction of Customer Satisfaction Excellence from NBRI

Samson employed NBRI to conduct a survey to measure customer satisfaction. NBRI has over 30 years of experience in conducting scientific research for businesses and has identified issues and survey topics that are universal to all organisations. It provides survey results which reveal trends unique to Samson customers, and also benchmark survey results against other companies within an industry classification. To qualify for the Circle of Excellence award, Samson had to score at or above the 75th percentile when measured against NBRI's Benchmarking Database. 

Tony Bon, Samson president, reports "We are pleased to be rated so highly among industry peers, however we are most interested in how we are measuring up to the expectations of our customers. To that end, from the survey data we have identified areas in which we feel we can improve overall experience with Samson. Our goal remains continuous improvement, and we are always striving for 100 percent customer satisfaction." 

Among Samson's innovations are the first high modulus polyethylene fibre ropes.