June 6 - Sarens will bring its SGC-120 giant crane into action during the construction of a new drilling platform in Nantong, China, as part of its participation in the Cheviot Octabouy project.

The new drilling platform will be built at the Cosco Shipyard in Nantong, and Sarens' expertise will be used to lift several modules for the construction of the top-side drilling platform with a total weight of 15,000 tonnes.

The heaviest module will weigh 1,300 tonnes. The SGC-120 will be transported directly to China, after finishing a project in Arizona, USA.

On site, the crane will be assembled and moved with SPMTs to its lifting position.

"Thus the SGC-120 facilitates the total duration of the project as the crane will not obstruct the other on-site works," explains technical solution manager, Steven Sarens.

The assembly of the crane will start in August 2012. The lifting is scheduled for October 2012 and will last several months.

The SGC-120 is a third generation crane with a 3,200 tonnes lifting capacity. It is designed to accommodate the heavy lifting requirements for refinery, oil and gas, mining, offshore platform and third generation components for nuclear power plants.

Sarens says that the SGC-120 meets all US and European lift crane standards and is CE certified.