November 26 - Air Marine has transported a 1,480-tonne absorber for the Petronas LNG production site in Malaysia, using 48 axle lines of Scheuerle SPMTs.

The massive absorber was transported from Malaysia's Bintulu port to the LNG site by road, which involved various discussions and meetings with local authorities prior to the movement.

The transport also required the dismantling of numerous obstacles en route, including the removal and widening of the port exit gate; removal of various lamp posts and sign boards; cutting of trees; clearing of areas; and strengthening of drains and culverts, using steel plates.

With an overall length of 55.6 m, turns in the road proved quite challenging, said Scheuerle - a challenge which was made worse by difficult road conditions and limited ground resilience.

However, confirmed Scheuerle, by using a side-by-side coupling of two 24-axle line of its SPMTs, Air Marine's job was made much easier and the absorber was transported to the site successfully.