September 2 - A Croatian rail car manufacturer has ordered a rail car transporter from German manufacturer Scheurle for a new manufacturing plant to move rail cars and locomotives 'off the rail' within the factory.

Rail car manufacturer TZV Gredelj will use the transporter to move rail cars and locomotives within the factory area and interim storage facility, which cannot be accessed by fixed rail.

The 100 tonne rail car transporter has been designed as an in-plant vehicle to transport heavy wagons and locomotives; its U-shaped loading area with 27m of length offers enough space for rail cars with multiple axles.

The transporter has a two track system which allows it to take up rail cars with standard as well as narrow gauge wheel sets. For protection, the rail car mover is equipped with an all-weather cover on the loading area. The 30m vehicle is supported by 12 pendulum axles with 24 wheels.

Following a specific request from the client, the transporter is equipped with an automatic guiding system to permit the vehicles to drive the S-curve between the production halls in automatic-transverse drive mode without any steering by the operator.