Cuxhaven shipping company BREB and Danish logistics group Blue Water Shipping celebrated five years of handling at its jointly operated terminal in the town with the addition of a second large mobile crane.

Tandemlift der Hafenmobilkrane LHM 600 und LHM 550

A tandem lift between LHM600 and LHM550 mobile harbour cranes. Credit: Blue Water BREB.

A Liebherr LHM 550 mobile harbour crane, named Little Fleming, was handed over at the port of Cuxhaven during August. The area has grown into the Germany’s largest hub for onshore and offshore wind energy cargoes. “With 10,500 MW of turbine capacity handled since 2017, the port of Cuxhaven has impressively demonstrated its efficiency,” said Captain Arne Ehlers, managing director of Blue Water BREB.

The company said that more than 3,000 rotor blades, tower segments, turbines and other components are handled there every year.