June 15 - Van der Vlist Polen has been very active in the Polish sugar Industry, with two recent shipments from Northern Europe involving every aspect of oversize transport planning and operations.

A dozen pieces of out of gauge production line elements were moved from Holland to Poland. The widest elements were 5.8 m.

A further six loads were also moved from Germany to Poland.

Again, these were production line elements measuring 16.5 m long x 5.4 m wide x 4.2 m high.

The size of these items and legislation in Holland and Germany, led to many formal requirements prior to receiving authorisation to undertake the transports.

Van der Vlist escort staff had to complete a full survey on both of the routes to ensure the movements were both possible and safe. Both routes also required private and police escorts for much of the route, again to ensure the transport was completed safely.

Karol Zieliñski, MD at Van der Vlist Polen highlights the fact that this was a complex project: "because of the width of the loads, there were many considerations. Throughout the route, there were a variety of obstacles such as lamp posts, road signage and other street furniture that needed to be removed and replaced. In addition, there were certain sections of road that even needed modernisation and modification to allow the loaded trucks to complete their journey."

Van der Vlist Polen is currently in the process of finalising a domestic movement of several other 6 m wide peices for another refinery.