USA-based Talbert Manufacturing has launched the 35FG-BVTL fixed-neck drop deck trailer.

The trailer is ideal for machinery movers operating in oilfields as well as agriculture, construction, and demolition sectors. It can transport loads weighing up to 70,000 lbs (31.75 tonnes), while its hydraulic ramps have been designed for efficient loading and unloading in confined spaces.

“Our customers require a great deal of versatility. Each day or week could consist of moving a variety of equipment,” said Troy Geisler, Talbert Manufacturing vice president of sales and marketing. “This is why we take the time to listen and design our trailers to provide the most flexibility, tailoring each unit to the specific needs of the customer with options like fixed neck, tag-a-long, hydraulic tail and traveling axle trailers.”

The overall length of the 35FG-BVTL is 48 ft (14.6 m), which includes a 22 ft (6.7 m) long deck.

According to Talbert, the trailer’s fixed neck provides an alternative to removable gooseneck designs for operators that do not require a front unload option. Contractors can use the 35FG-BVTL to haul a variety of small to mid-size construction equipment, making it an economic and versatile choice for millwrights, riggers, and general freight contractors, added the manufacturer.