August 14 - A German-registered container ship is being denied permission to enter EU waters for salvage, a month after the ship caught fire.

On July 14, 2012, a fire broke out onboard MSC Flaminia's cargo hatch no. 4 as she was crossing the Atlantic on her way from America to Europe. Since fire crews worked to extinguish the flames, the ship has been unable to enter EU waters for salvage.

Helmut Ponath, CEO of Reederei NSB says: "I consider it shocking that in this situation a ship under German flag does not receive a permission from the European countries to call at a port."

Negotiations regarding the permission to enter a sheltered coastal area or an emergency port are still without any result. Her position remains unchanged and the vessel is listing at 2.5 degrees. The MSC Flaminia and her accompanying group of tugs are currently holding a waiting position approximately 240 nautical miles off the coast of the UK.

Reederei NSB is a Buxtehude, Germany-based ship broker and management company. The 299 m MSC Flaminia was built in 2001 and has a dwt of 85,823 tonnes. She has a gross tonnage of 75,590 tonnes.

The crew of MSC Flaminia at the time of the incident comprised of 23 men (five Germans, three Poles and 15 Philippine employees) and two passengers. One person has died of injuries sustained in the incident while another crew member remains missing.