Denmark-headquartered shipping line Thorco Projects has added several heavy lift vessels to its fleet, ranging in size from 12,000-25,000 dwt.

According to Thorco Projects, since the start of 2018 between eight and ten vessels have joined its ranks.  HLPFI reported in March that the carrier added three 12,000 dwt tweendeck ships to its fleet - Daisy, Maple Lea and Maple Lotta - featuring lifting capacities of between 240 and 500 tonnes.

Thorco Projects has also added the heavy lift ship Cerulean to its roster, which boasts a lifting capacity of 900 tonnes.

Thorco Projects said that the ability to continuously evaluate and renew its diversified fleet enables it to match its clients' requirements as well as the changing market conditions.

"The project market is off to a good start and we have been able to find some new and interesting ways to expand and strengthen our fleet. We have worked up an appetite and are keen to maintain momentum. We have therefore added several heavy lift vessels to our fleet, and today, we are happy to announce that we will additionally increase our lifting capacity to 900 tonnes," said Thomas Mikkelsen, ceo and partner at Thorco Projects.