May 2 - As part of a power generation project in Sokoto, Nigeria, Vulcan Elvaton of Nigeria, contracted European Freight Solutions, London to handle the shipment of a power generation set, from Masaood John Brown, in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Having chartered an Antonov 124 from carrier Ruslan International for the onward flight to Sokoto, Nigeria, EFSLsubcontracted TTS International for the local transport of the units from MJB yard in Jebel Ali Free Zone to Jebel Ali Airport (DWC) .

The consignment consisted of two shipments: first shipment containing a 95 tonne gas turbine with the following dimensions - 12.5 m x 4.3 m x 3.8 m, along with a 16 tonne generator auxiliary compartment and auxiliary general cargo; second shipment consisted of the 90 tonne generator; 8.6 x 4.3 x 3.3 m.

The heavy lifts were transported by TTS International from the Free Zone to the airport overnight utilising a 10-axleNicolas hydraulic trailer. Ramps had been built up for the trailer to drive between, for offloading utilising TTS's 200 T SWL hydraulic gantry.

The loaded gantry then moved forward to over the built-up loading ramp of the AN 124, and lowered onto the AN 124 transfer system. The heavy lift was pulled inside, and secured; the general cargo was lifted into the aeroplane via the tail crane and secured.

Four days later, the aeroplane returned from successfully offloading the gas turbine in Sokoto, for the loading of the generator. Both operations were completed successfully, after having a minor setback with electrical power for the hydraulic gantry.

EFSL MD Sanjiv Jain said: "TTS has the expert knowledge and necessary equipment to handle heavy lift movement. They have played a major role in the successful completion of the project."