November 16 - UAE-based Transport Technics and Services International (TTS International) has completed the loadout and float-off of a landing craft at Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi.

The 78.7 m long, 1,300 tonne landing craft was loaded onto a 10,000 tonne, 100 m barge using skid tracks and skid modules (pictured below). During the unloading movement, pumps and control systems from the control platform installed by TTS on the barge were utilised to submerge the barge before the landing craft was floated off.

The barge was then floated off the landing craft before being towed back to the fabrication yard for further fitting out.

TTS International was established in 1984, when it took over the heavy lift activities and a part of the staff of I.T.M. Overseas. Since then TTS International has expanded, with offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and a staff of 130 personnel.

TTS International operates across the Middle East, as well as in the Far East and Africa, with strong business connections in Europe.