July 3 - Bahrain-based Turk Heavy Transport (THT) has organised the movement of a 10 m long bending machine weighing 155 tonnes at Khalifa Bin Salman Port for RMA Middle East SPC from the ship's hook onto its 12-axle hydraulic lowbed.

The cargo was transported to the port storage area and jacked down on to beams and stools. It was later transported and offloaded onto foundation at the RMA factory by two 120-tonne Terex Cranes.

THT currently employs 150 staff and is among the oldest players in project transportation in the Gulf. Its claim to fame is that it is the only company in Bahrain to own as well as supply heavy lift hydraulic equipment and jacking and skidding equipment.

These items of specialised equipment are used for transporting, lifting, and installing heavy lifts and out-of-gauge cargo.

THT is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN), an organisation established to provide a networking platform for the world's top project cargo specialists.