February 29 - Tuscor Lloyds Spain's carbon footprint has been certified by AENOR in a pioneering project that anticipates that legislative requirements will obligate all the companies to measure the impact of their carbon footprint in the coming years.

According to Borja Pelayo, manager of Tuscor Lloyd's office in Madrid "We decided to become pioneers with this certification as we strongly believe in the importance of developing sustainable and environmental responsible logistics. The carbon footprint certification is an important tool not only because it gives an accurate measure of our current emissions, but also because it gives us the reference to start with our yearly two percent reduction plan"

There are two paths to achieve this reduction: by active policies on the emission generating agents or, if not possible in the first place, offsetting these emissions by actions such as planting trees, "that gives us a very accurate dimension of the scope of this project "affirms Pelayo.

Tuscor Lloyds Spain developed the certification project with advice from Agora consulting and has had verified the CO2 emissions of its three offices in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia), all of its employees (all commuting and work trips also), its infrastructure, and specially, its services.

Adds Pelayo: "Due to upcoming regulations on this matter, we don't want to stop here. We also want to promote the initiative together with our key customers, offering them a carbon footprint study for the services we provide them as freight forwarders."