March 7 - Tuscor Lloyds has coordinated the shipment of a 35-tonne slitter case from Birmingham in the UK to Altamira, Mexico.

The consignment was loaded onto a low loader trailer for the 290 km road haul east to the port of Felixstowe, from where the cargo would sail to Mexico.

After a slight delay, the cargo was loaded on to a mafi trailer using the port's wire lift - four 12-tonne heavy wires were secured to the reinforced lifting points on the base of the cargo casing.

Marine surveyors, commissioned by Tuscor Lloyds, inspected the cargo prior to the lifting operation.

The slitter case was then secured to a 40 ft flatrack container and lifted using a port crane with a hydraulic spreader. The flatrack was secured to the container stack using auto-twist locks on each corner.

A further three high cube containers and one flatrack were also loaded onto the container vessel for the Altamira voyage.