June 25 - Universal Africa Lines (UAL) has celebrated its 30-year anniversary at an event at the Cruise Terminal, Rotterdam, where it also christened the new 8,600 dwt cargo ship UAL Texas.

Moreover, the event was used to unveil the new name for UAL's global agents. In Europe, HMT  - a part of the UAL Alliance - adopted the title Universal Africa Lines Netherlands (UAL NL). Houston, USA based sales agent, CSA, has also rebranded under the UAL name.

According to Roger Jungblut, ceo, UAL NL: "After all these years of successful cooperation through the UAL Alliance, both HMT and CSA in Houston will adopt the UAL name to emphasise the devotion of service to principal Universal Africa Lines Ltd.

"With this step, we have a uniform approach to the market by introducing a renewed, yet already familiar and overall clear branding, that will strengthen the group's collective position on the market."

UAL Texas joins UAL's fleet of 16 multipurpose vessels and is sistership to UAL Houston, which was delivered during 2012. On her maiden voyage UAL Texas will sail from Aberdeen, via Antwerp, to destinations including Malabo, Point Noire, Banana and Lobito in West Africa.

UAL offers regular liner services into West Africa from Europe, the USA and South Africa, which included 150 sailings during 2012.