June 2 - Freight forwarder Union Transport (Newcastle) Ltd, which is part of the Bromley UK-headquartered Union Transport Group plc has been selected as the exclusive representative in Newcastle, UK, for the Conqueror Freight Network, which operates as a

Conqueror, which began accepting applications last September and launched operations in January, is choosing one strong forwarder to act as a 'virtual branch' in each of 564 cities in 127 countries. Members agree to use each other's services for a substantial proportion of their shipments, which ensures a significant increase in business volume for all, among other advantages, says a Network statement.

"The idea is to use cooperation to help our members compete on a more equal footing against the giant megaforwarders," says Antonio Torres, founder of the Madrid-based Conqueror group.

"Strong players like Union Transport will ensure our success as a global group", Torres said.

"It is an honour and a privilege for us to belong to the elite Conqueror group," says Union Transport's director, Bryan Scott, who notes that all candidates for membership are carefully selected for solvency, size, and reputation. So far, Conqueror says it has rejected more than 80 percent of all applicants.

Union Transport Group's special Project Shipping Division was formed in the late 1960s following the Group's introduction to the complex requirements of the petrochemical, construction and fabrication industries. Since then, a highly experienced team of professional freight forwarding personnel has been assembled. Their combined knowledge encompasses every aspect of international transportation and freight forwarding through ocean, air, road or rail, or indeed any combination thereof.