August 20 - Universal Transport has managed the shipment of a transformer from southern Germany to an electricity sub-station close to Brunsb

The transformer, two radiators and batteries travelled by barge from Nuremberg and other hubs on the German inland waterway system.

On arrival in Brunsbüttel port, they were unloaded onto specialist truck and trailer combinations via a floating crane for subsequent delivery to the sub-station.

The transformer weighed 261 tonnes and was 11.35 m in length, 3.83 m wide and 4.36 m in height. Each radiator weighed 32 tonnes and was 7.11 m long, 3.90 m wide and 4.36 m high.

The special vehicle combination that was used to transport the transformer from quayside to sub-station was 52.4 m in length and consisted of two 8 x 4-axle tractors and an additional 18 modular axles. The total weight of the combination was 400 tonnes.

Holger Dechant, from Universal Transport said: "With this unusual multimodal transport, we were able to demonstrate that our job does not stop at the quayside. "

Frank Schnabel, managing director of Brunsbuttel ports, added that this challenge confirmed the port's capabilities for handling large and heavy cargoes.