April 23 - Van der Vlist has coordinated the receipt of eight substructures and eight grillage elements, weighing between 200 and 220 tonnes, in Rotterdam.

The eight substructures are used in a jacking system on Dockwise's Transshelf to help place large oil platforms in their final offshore positions.

The Transshelf is a semi-submersible carrier operated by Dockwise that specialises in heavy transports.

Having delivered a platform to Nigeria for the OFON II project, the Dockwise vessel returned to Rotterdam with the equipment, where it was prepared and reinstated ready for another job.

Van der Vlist coordinated the the receipt of the materials and provided technical staff for the unlashing and dismantling of materials on board Transshelf before the equipment was discharged onto pontoons.

Van der Vlist then arranged for the removal of oil from the jacking units, and the scrapping of the eight grillage elements, before transporting the eight substructures for long-term storage in the company's Moerdijk facility.

Handling of the large units off quay was done by a floating sheer leg, after which the items were moved to their final storage position on quay using Van der Vlist's modular trailer equipment.