April 3 - Van der Vlist has transported a trenching machine from western France to Spurn point in the UK's Humber estuary to help re-establish power for a lighthouse, which had been cut off without electricity or a water supply.

The machine was needed to create a trench into which new pipes could be laid to re-connect the building to mains electricity and water.

The trenching machine, which weighed 29 tonnes and had the dimensions 11 m x 2.5 m x 3.4 m, was transported on a semi low loader, accompanied by a second low loader carrying various parts which the machine required for the job.

Delivery had to be prompt in order to coincide with the lowest tide, so that the machine could perform its operations as far out into the estuary as possible.

Once the trenching machine had helped restore power to the Spurn point lighthouse, Van der Vlist was contracted to collect the machine and its parts from the UK and return it to France.