November 18 - European abnormal and heavy haulage provider Van der Vlist Modular is half way through a significant project movement to relocate fifty 32.5 m trams from southern France to Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Van der Vlist is utilising 40 m rail bed trailers with winches which are self-loading to allow a tram or railway unit to be loaded straight from the rail network onto the trailer bed.

For the journey through France, a detailed survey was completed and after a lengthy wait for permits, a suitable route was identified using the French national roads.

The route in itself was a challenge with 400 roundabouts to navigate as well as the removal and replacement of street furniture at various points along the journey.

In addition, authorities requested the accompaniment of police escorts for a number of different legs of the movement.

With 30 of the 50 movements now completed, the project is progressing well and will be drawing to a close over the next five months, says Van der Vlist.