September 24 - Netherlands based heavy haulage specialist Van der Vlist was recently involved in a project transporting metal presses from central Europe to Casablanca in Morocco.

The disassembled presses were moved using 12 Van der Vlist trucks. Due to the varying sizes of the components each Van der Vlist truck was configured differently. Smaller parts taken were in a tautliner truck while a semi low-loader was used to haul a 32-tonne load.
Van der Vlist pointed out that along the route it organised secure parking at night and over the weekends for the trucks and their valuable cargoes.
Concurrently, Van der Vlist delivered similar metal presses from Portugal also destined for Casablanca. These units were transhipped from Zeebrugge in Belgium to Bilbao for on forwarding to their final destination.
According to Van der Vlist, transport and enquiries to countries such as Morocco are becoming ever more common, with many similar projects taking place over the last few months. It regularly ships static and self-drive machinery to and from Tangier port and when necessary, arranges local Moroccan transport with the company's local partners.