September 8 - A special Mercedes-Benz Actros 5-axle truck, type 5446, with a 70 tonne self-propelled telescoping crane was delivered to Mammoet's site in Schiedam, The Netherlands.

It is the first 70 tonne mount crane made by Tadano Faun mounted on a chassis made by a truck builder and is part of an order for a total of 25 Actros trucks, ten of which will be the 5-axle, type 5446.

Mammoet is world leader in hoist and transportation projects and deploys hundreds of vehicles including a considerable number from Mercedes-Benz.

The Actros' extended chassis with the fifth axle is a perfect platform for the HK70 Tadano Faun telescopic crane. The mobile crane has a 44 m long main boom and a 16 m auxiliary boom. To allow for the maximum 70 tonne lifting capacity the telescopic crane has a 15 tonne ballast.

The flat chassis allows for a lower centre of gravity than usual. When hoisting and moving large and heavy objects, stays can be extended to provide extra stability. A special detail is that the Tadano Faun telescoping crane is not powered by the Actros' engine but has its own power source.