February 8 - The Worldwide Project Consortium Ltd (WWPC) was very pleased by the number of visitors to its booth at the recent Break Bulk Asia event in Singapore and also received membership applications for several countries where the network is not repr

Rickmers Linie's Jan Steffens and Gerhard Janssen were among many visitors and can be seen here with 
Wolfgang Karau, operational director WWPC (left) and Stuart Murdoch, administrative director WWPC (right). 

Following Break Bulk Asia, the WWPC held a very successful 10th annual Membership Conference in Kuala Lumpur attended by more than 80 delegates, including invited sponsors and representatives for selected trade media, representing 36 countries. 

During the two days conference members, sponsors and the media representatives enjoyed networking at the conference sessions, in personal meetings and during social events. A full group photo can be seen below.

WWPC members voted for the next annual conference to be held end of January 2011 in Mumbai. 

The WWPC is a leading global franchise network for project cargo forwarders.