Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean’s (WW Ocean) fourth and last HERO-class vessel, Nabucco, has begun its journey to Zeebrugge, Belgium.

WW Ocean hero class final delivery

The vessel was delivered by Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding and like its sister vessels – Tannhauser, Titus and Traviata – was designed with energy efficiency in mind.

“I am very happy with Nabucco setting sail, providing sorely needed capacity on the fleet side,” said executive vice president and coo of shipping services Erik Noeklebye.

“This also marks a shift in our history, because it is the last vessel delivered based on conventional fuel technology. This was the most sustainable vessel at that time, and while we now look to next-generation energy solutions, HERO-class and Nabucco still represent green advantages compared to other vessel designs. The HERO vessels will continue to be a core part of our competitive advantage in the high and heavy and breakbulk market.”