March 14 - With the first of its three new A300-600RF's set to join the fleet in the next few months, Maximus Air Cargo - the UAE's largest dedicated cargo aircraft operator - is setting its sights on Africa as a region that represents great opportunity f

The airline has just concluded a very successful participation in Air Cargo Africa 2011, the 1st biennial international air cargo conference and expo at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi, where it showcased its heavy lift capacity in a market hailed as the 'New Frontier'. 

"With air traffic volumes into Africa set to grow at about 10 percent, according to IATA, and with long reserves of resources and untapped investment opportunities, local markets in Africa hold strong profit potential," said Fathi Hilal BuhazzaMaximus Air Cargo president and ceo. "The aviation sector in Africa has been steadily expanding over the last few years and the latest projections paint a positive picture for air transfer in Africa as a whole." 

Buhazza said: "As a whole, Africa also has a potential for humanitarian relief flights including outsize charters like helicopters, armored vehicles, generators and water tanks, amidst others. There is high demand too for oil well and mining equipment cargo on board. 

"Charters are possible for outsize cargo but necessary with connections from Africa back to the Middle East or Europe," said Joanne McConachy, Maximus' marketing manager. "We have the flexibility to move time sensitive goods in the most efficient methods because of our regular North African operations."