July 14 - Project freight forwarding network, the Project Professionals Group and Shippingchina have announced an informal strategic alliance.

Shippingchina's 250,000 business members comprise 60 0.000000reight forwarders, 30% traders and 10hip owners, ports authorities and other relevant industries.

PPG has undergone rapid growth during the past two years, and has 125 member offices in 90 countries.

PPG general manager Kevin Stephens said that each network would work closely to explore co-operative business links, such as allowing Shippingchina members in countries or locations where they have no representation to join PPG, and allowing PPG members in China to join the Shippingchina network.

He added that cross-branding strategies would be implemented through Internet marketing, and networking opportunities via industry conferences and trade expos.

"This agreement delivers significant business growth opportunities for both organisations by offering a reputable international footprint for clients to access multimodal transport solutions, particularly to and from locations that are logistically challenging," said Stephens.