Edwards Moving & Rigging has handled a turbine and a generator on behalf of a large EPC contractor.

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The 568,000-lb (257.6-tonne) turbine and the 900,000-lb (408.2-tonne) generator first had to be rolled off of separate barges before being transported along a winding, narrow path to the construction site.

Edwards deployed bespoke equipment to manoeuvre the oversized components into position. This included a set of lightweight 660-ton (598.7-tonne) capacity box girder beams, designed by Edwards’ engineers, which were secured on top of an Enerpac 1,110-ton (1,000-tonne) gantry system.

The span of the girder beams was approximately 60 ft (18.3 m) – wide enough to straddle over both the trailer laden with the cargo and the elevated pedestal where it needed to be positioned.

Once the gantry lifted the components, a side-shift system manufactured by Enerpac was then utilised to transversely manoeuvre the units onto the pads.