July 23 - Under contract to Heerema Marine Contractors, Fairmount Alpine and Fairmount Sherpa towed the SSCV Balder from Trinidad to West Africa at a record breaking speed.

During the passage of the Atlantic, speeds well over eight knots was reached giving an overall average of around seven knots, which was faster than the SSCV Balder had ever been towed before according to Heerema.

Fairmount Alpine, which was redelivered earlier this month in West Africa, had been on contract to Heerema Marine Contractors for 3.5 months. She started towing the SSCV Balder from Mexico to Trinidad. At Trinidad she assisted the SSCV Balder during installation works. When the works were completed Fairmount Sherpa joined to tow the SSCV Balder to West Africa.

In West Africa, the tugs performed standby duties and undertook several cargo runs.

Pictured, we see Fairmount Sherpa and Fairmount Alpine on standby near SSCV Balder, offshore Sao Tome.