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  • risk

    LMAA analyses emerging risks for project logisticians


    Gregory DL Morris highlights some of the main reasons for disputes as the Covid-19 pandemic winds on, how to keep abreast of changing compliance standards in the USA, and why e-bill uptake continues to lag.

  • From the mag MGM

    MBM solves multiple challenges in decommissioning of Hutton Hull TLP


    The 25,000-tonne Hutton Hull tension leg platform (TLP) – manufactured 40 years ago and the first of its kind to be built – has been taken to shore in Scotland as part of a complex decommissioning project. Sophie Barnes reports.

  • RAIL PIC ONE Fracht is acquiring 12 more railcars.

    Heavy-duty railfreight: Beefing up capabilities

    Increasing rates across all modes are posing serious questions of forwarders moving heavy cargoes contracted months ago. However, in the USA and Europe heavy railfreight operators have been strengthening their fleets, reported strong performances in 2020, and believe the prospects going forwards are promising. Ian Putzger reports.

  • ASIA PIC 3 BBC Rushmore in Port Kembla

    Vietnam leads a regional heavy lift rebound


    With projects cancelled, delayed or just plain difficult, last year was a tough one for the Southeast Asia region – in that, it was not alone of course. However, heavy lift and project cargo specialists in the region are optimistic about the coming months, with Vietnam taking a starring role in the bounce back. Felicity Landon reports.

  • Hareket pics 2Demag CC 2800-1 Tandem Hareket

    The driving force aiming to make Hareket a global leader in heavy lift


    Ahmet Altunkum (pictured), the chairperson of the board of directors of Turkey’s Hareket Heavy Lifting and Project Transportation, stepped into the world of heavy transportation in 1997. Sophie Barnes discusses the company’s journey.

  • From mag spain 1

    Market hotspots indicate strong bounceback


    Covid-19 hit Spain hard last year with many industries suffering as a result. There were, naturally, consequences for the project cargo community – but more than 12 months since the pandemic took hold, optimism is returning. Megan Ramsay reports.

  • from the mag civil eng Mammoet.3

    Bullish sentiment on recovery prospects

    Project logistics work in support of the civil engineering sector is set to get a significant boost this year. Economic recovery will be stimulated by the resumption of developments delayed by Covid-19 and anticipated additional investment in infrastructure by many governments. Phil Hastings reports.

  • FROM THE MAG march april mining air panel Air Charter Service mining equipment shipment

    Covid-19 effects balance out in heavy lift air cargo charter market

    Covid-19 is proving to be a double-edged sword in its effects on mining industry demand for air cargo charter services.

  • FROM MAG cosco

    Size gives Cosco an edge as it fine-tunes project cargo formula

    Cosco Shipping Specialized Carriers has been happy with the utilisation of its heavy transport fleet. Newbuild semi submersibles are scheduled for delivery over the coming quarters.

  • FROM MAG nuclear reactors

    Small modular reactors: the future for nuclear power?

    The world of small modular nuclear reactors (SMR) is gaining traction, with development projects popping up around the globe. Taking nuclear power plant construction ‘out of the field’ would reduce risks and costs significantly.

  • Dec2020 Indian SC pg54 MFC Transport

    Locked-down project logistics markets begin precarious rebound

    The Indian Subcontinent region has some of the most exciting opportunities on the planet – but expect the unexpected. The Covid-19 crisis has been a case in point.

  • Dec2020 Non renewables pg40 Nuclear power plant projects are big business for heavy lift operators like Sarens.1

    Ongoing project logistics opportunities in oil and gas maintenance

    In addition to new plant projects, the non-renewable energies sector of the power generation industry will continue to produce two other sources of logistics work – maintenance/modernisation/ upgrades at existing installations and the decommissioning of old facilities.

  • Dec2020 UK pg30 Robert Wynn

    Covid complicates Brexit uncertainty for heavy lift service providers

    It is still early too say with any certainty what the impact of Brexit will be on the UK’s project cargo industry. Speaking with HLPFI before the end of the transition period, some of the UK’s leading logisticians were preparing for delays, others believed there would be more opportunities for forwarders.

  • NileDutch. Project cargo. port handling 2014

    Pandemic plays havoc with project cargo claims


    The pandemic has had a major effect on the transport of goods, leading to many more insurance disputes. Despite this, there remains a confidence that the shipping industry will recover within a couple of years, writes Gregory DL Morris.

  • Liege Airport 2 VD Nose

    Liège Airport anticipates strategic gains will follow Covid-19 crisis


    Belgium’s largest freighter airport, Liège, says that one positive arising out of the Covid-19 crisis is the wider understanding of the importance of air cargo operations. With a growing number of carriers using the gateway, Liège Airport is well positioned to bounce back strongly.

  • from the mag - mv svenja loading monopile port of rostock

    Power to revive the global economy?

    The development of new renewable power generation capacity worldwide may be slowed by the Covid-19 crisis, at least in the short term. Despite that, offshore wind energy is set to be one of the more resilient sectors and is poised for further strong growth.

  • recruitment and training TI Group 1 Action Shot-print

    Awakening to a future of online upskilling in logistics

    The Covid-19 crisis is forcing logistics companies to reassess their training strategies, resulting in surging interest in online and virtual learning.

  • offshore tidal, Blue Water Shipping has been involved with tidal energy trial projects in France.2

    Tidal power awaits commercial surge

    The wave and tidal power sector is seeing increasing numbers of small-scale projects around the world, but has yet to develop into a major industry. However, many expect that will happen soon.

  • org_d0d848afc105973f_1588604846000

    Brazilian logisticians plot survival path

    Brazil is in the throes of the pandemic while its economy faces headwinds from rising political uncertainty and low commodity prices. The timing is more than unfortunate, as the project logistics sector in the country was poised for growth. Sophie Barnes reports.

  • Letter to the editor big lift

    Project logisticians must push back to survive

    Juan Gimenez has been involved in the shipping and project logistics business for almost 42 years. Now retired, he shares his thoughts on the current market, disappointed with how project freight forwarding in Spain has developed over time. The situation was bad enough even before the Covid-19 pandemic.